Development plan

Keep the employee conversation alive all year round

The tool that creates change at the individual, team and organizational level.

Behavioural change is what really makes a difference

In the development plan, the company's goals and strategies are broken down into behavioral goals and concrete activities. Based on the individual's role and responsibilities, you decide together what concrete activities the employee will carry out until you see each other next time. The employee can easily prioritize and clear their activities. Expectations become clear, you can follow behavioral development and develop the challenges over time.


Templates based on the entire organization, team or individual

Build your own templates based on what you want to develop and what your values are. Create templates based on your entire organization, team, or individual.

Development curves

Development curve over time

It is important for the employee to feel and see progress. By filling in their development and seeing their curve, it is easy for the employee, and the leader, to take joint responsibility for the development.


Smart activities

In order for development to take place, it must be clear to the employee what expectations exist, and what activities are required, to achieve their goals. In Rolf's development plan you have smart activities where you can follow the development, prioritize, sort and clear mark to constantly take the next step in development. All year.

What do I get with Development Plan?

Clear and concrete

Rolf's development plan clearly shows what is expected of the employee

Behavioral goals break down into concrete activities

Create individual tasks that lead to results

Relevant feedback

Regular reconciliations with relevant feedback directly on activities

Sustainable behavioural change

Work with continuous change throughout the year

Less administration

No administrative time afterwards regarding the employee's development

Overview of staff development

Easy to follow the development of teams or individuals continuously

How development plan works

Play videos
Play videos

A platform for growth and development

Rolf is a flexible platform that helps companies through reflection, goal management and coaching – continuously develop their employees and processes to achieve success.

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