What activity should I put in my development plan?


We have always had a mission about what we want to achieve with Rolf. To create a well structured development of employees.

I have to admit that I have often been frustrated and scraped my foot on the floor in my eagerness to get leaders to understand and step over the threshold. For me, it's so simple and obvious.

Yesterday, when we were in a meeting with the team at Rolf, I realized that our high goal can frighten the customer who still works traditionally with employee development.

That is, we are so strong in our ambition to change that we do not see that as well as the one who is going to start running, we cannot start by running the mile.

For example, we are so ambitious at teaching our leaders to create the right activities that are really concrete that we get caught up in just that instead of starting by supporting in creating activities that are followed up during the year. And then take it one step at a time.

When I get to that realization, of course, I get a little annoyed with myself. Who am I to stand there and scrape my foot on the floor?

I really see it as my responsibility to ensure that our customers are successful in Rolf. I'm not going to stop doing that because it means our customers know a little bit about us.

But as a paying customer once told me, Pia, it's not certain that our leaders have the same level of ambition as you and maybe that's OK.

We are working on a new release of Rolf that will be released in Q1. It's going to be so good. I realised yesterday that it will allow us to adapt Rolf more to our customers' level of ambition. It becomes even more flexible but with the same values, Reflective Organization with Learning Feedback.

And I'm going to learn that to run a mile, you have to start with the first kilometre. The question is, what activity should I set up for it in my development plan? 😃 What do you think?