A platform for
growth and development

Rolf is a flexible platform that helps companies through reflection, goal management and coaching – continuously develop their employees and processes to achieve success.

Rolf in 2 minutes

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The entire toolbox in one platform

The tool for increased well-being in your organization

Through Rolf's reflection log, your employees reflect as often as you agree. You as a leader can support them in their thoughts and give feedback. This means that the employee will see clear patterns and feel seen and appreciated by you as a manager, in a very simple way.

Using Rolf is easy

With Rolf, it is easy and easy to both get started and use the tools.

When you and your employees log in to Rolf for the first time, it is adapted and ready to start using the reflection module right away. We help you add employees, connect teams and departments, and assign permissions and read rights. Once this is done, all employees are automatically invited to create a password for their account.

Create a workplace with prosperous and motivated employees who drive results