Guides and templates

We publish ongoing guides and templates that can help your business develop and strengthen leadership

Reflection. How and why?

How your business can benefit from regular reflection and what a valuable reflection should contain.

Providing feedback

In this guide we give examples of how to create a coaching conversation that leads to development

6 steps to implement reflection and feedback in your team

This guide explains how you as a manager can easily create a reflective organisation with a strong feedback culture.

Breaking down quantitative objectives to qualitative

In this guide we offer some examples of how you can transform the "big fluff" that we often talk about at the annual employee discussion into concrete activities adapted for the individual.

Business development there values are more than fine words

10 steps for building company culture and anchoring your values at the group and individual level.

Customer meeting call template

Create a template at a customer meeting and customize to your sales process and the customers you have

Create a workplace with prosperous and motivated employees who drive results