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Do you work with change management, leadership development, HR issues, sales development, organizational development and see challenges in the fact that those who hired you really complete the work you do fully?

Do you find it difficult to make your efforts measurable?

Then you should read on now.


Rolf is the digital tool that supports you and those you work with to drive real change. Rolf takes what you have decided to the next level and makes it possible to see if everyone is on board or not.

Whether you work with ADKAR as change management or other models, we can promise that Rolf fits in to create structure, the best conditions and measurability of how things are going and how you feel in the change journey.

Added value for partners

Being a Partner to ROLF means that you can offer added value to your existing and potential customers while saving on the administration linked to your assignments and getting an extra income in addition to your consulting fee. As a partner, you get access to a structured and digital tool that increases the quality of your deliveries.

You will have access to a structured digital tool that:

In addition, you will be part of our network where we have continuous meetings, training and exchange of experiences.

Partners of Rolf

Our main motivation is to contribute and make a difference. This by offering our expertise in organizational development and general HR Support. Djörg's consultants have many years of experience in qualitative management and HR work in various organizations.

Expediam - Your partner in driving sustainable change and development within your company - always with your success in focus.
We work closely together and achieve what you strive for by supporting you through coaching, change management, development of leaders, management teams and employees.

Tell is a company that offers smart overall solutions in IT and communication to all companies, regardless of size. The company was founded in 1997 and today we have more than 30 employees in Piteå, Luleå, Skellefteå and Umeå. Our position is based on being human, personal and present - both emotionally and geographically. We do not compete with low price or to sell services, but with expert knowledge and satisfied customers Our vision is to become Sweden's most future workplace, welcome to try a better partner in IT and Telecom!

One Happy Camper helps you and your company with overall People Operations issues, concrete HR support and individual development of leaders and employees. Through increased awareness, new insight and knowledge, long-term sustainable organizations with healthy individuals are created. 

RMH Sales
We help sales teams and sales managers achieve more effective sales. Through the right structure and activities, we create results.

Pousettovi's focus and expertise on leadership, organization and processes transforms challenges into opportunities. We create a shift from the current situation to the desired situation by offering business development, change management, management training, executive coaching, interim consultants and building a sustainable corporate culture.

Skjöldebrand Consulting has 30 years of experience in sales, marketing and communication
The goal is to create Sustainable relationships & business that benefits both parties and leads to a better result.

We help companies create a corporate culture that increases employee motivation and commitment, we create the conditions for good self-leadership and give them tools for lasting change.

The Skråmträsk model ensures your results by working proactively to avoid conflict, misunderstanding and energy leakage. We want to strengthen your skills to help you and your employees reach new heights. We are there to support CEOs and partners in small businesses.

MW Coaching, a catalyst that helps leaders & employees create powerful results. Exploring habits & attitudes that take you towards the goal, developing your self-leadership & well-being. As a certified leadership developer, change manager, professional coach & mental trainer, we work mainly with entrepreneurs, leaders & other key people in the company as well as elite athletes.

With an interest in value-creating growth and inclusive leadership, S-leadership development wants to help and support organizations in change projects. The company exists to help organizations find their conditions and potentials to grow healthily and sustainably.
We offer coaching mainly to leaders and take interim assignments in leadership roles for longer or shorter periods.

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