About Rolf's partner network

Rolf offers the tool through own sales and through Partners. Both channels are important ingredients in Rolf's strategy and ambition.

Our Partners have well-established contacts and insights into their clients' needs and businesses and therefore often have an advantage in identifying valuable solutions to their clients' challenges that can be solved with Rolf.

Together with our Partners, we have even greater innovative power and broader perspectives. We are stronger together!

Some of our biggest customers are Partner customers. We currently have some well-established Partners and we have a working model that is working well and that we want to broaden and expand.

We have continuous meetings in our Partner network where we discuss requests and suggestions for system and functionality development, inform about news, share good examples and help to find solutions to challenges.

Added value for partners

Being a Partner of ROLF means that you can offer added value to your existing and potential customers. Added value that includes helping you make the transition to working digital development and learning, which is a topical challenge in many businesses today.

You will have access to a structured digital tool that can give you more customers/assignments

Partners get access to a structured and digital tool that increases the quality of your deliveries

Some voices from Rolf's partner network

Therese Näs Tärnblom, Djörg
"Rolf enables me to offer my clients concrete support in setting up a structure for regular feedback and follow-up, which promotes the development of the organisation. I do a lot of work supporting companies in change. A prerequisite for success in a change process is that all individuals develop and change behaviours in one way or another. Managers play an important role in driving this development, but maintaining a continuous and qualitative dialogue with their employees is a challenge for many. Rolf doesn't do the job, but puts managers in a better position to ensure, together with their employees, both well-being and goal achievement."

Djörg AB offers consulting services in organisational development and general HR support and is Partner to Rolf since 2020

Lena Dyrberg, Expediam

"I support my clients in their development in various areas, both on an individual, group and company level, including coaching and change management. The recipe for success is often to work in a structured way, to create clarity, to support each individual and to continuously follow up at different levels. Rolf is a good tool for just this. Rolf also strengthens and supports leaders, employees and
management in their work. Together we create good conditions for success in change and development. For me, Rolf is a smart, fun and rewarding way to create the conditions for development and a good working environment where everyone is equally important, noticed and supported."

Expediam HR Consulting & Coaching AB offers expertise in change management, coaching, leadership and HR.

Rolf's support to Partners

Rolf will train you in the various functions of the tool and you will be able to use Rolf's materials such as sales presentations, manuals and presentation materials for new users.

We introduce and train you in the material and make sure you have the knowledge you need

  • to present the possibilities and benefits of Rolf to your customers
  • to use the tool in a way that promotes the desired result and effect based on the unique circumstances of each individual assignment

We support you and are available as a discussion partner and for advice and general support from both a technical and user perspective.

When implementing new assignments, Rolf sets up the basic tasks in the tool and handles the administration around login and password.

Rolf provides templates for quotations and customer agreements as well as for contract annexes regarding GDPR.

Most commonly, the client formally becomes a client of Rolf in addition to your client agreement for consulting services. Rolf invoices the client for the monthly licence fee and you invoice your consultancy fees.

As a Partner, you can charge our joint customer for the extra support (coaching, follow-up, project management, etc.) that managers and employees of the customer may need in addition to what is included in the use of Rolf. For example: change management, working with values or corporate culture, individualised leadership, goal management, feedback

Alternative business arrangements

1. Partners who mainly use Rolf's tools during their own temporary assignments

Partners are offered a preferential price for any number of user licenses. These user licenses are used by Partner and Partner's clients on an ongoing basis. When an ongoing consultancy assignment ends, the license can be exchanged for new users in new consultancy assignments.

2. Partners who refer clients as customers and users of Rolf and where the Partner offers its consulting services to support the client in using the Rolf platform.

For example:

  • Coaching to individual leaders and employees on their individual development.
  • Workshops for the development of company-specific processes to be applied in Rolf
  • Training and group exercises


The partner and Rolf work together to deliver optimal benefits and results for the client.

Rolf provides the tool, the platform and the structure. The partner provides coaching and support to the client in the use of the tool.

Information meetings for potential partners

Upcoming events - dates not yet set

Information meeting - General

Beginning of June
Information meeting - Especially for companies working with coaching in sales

Mid June
Information meeting - General

Information meeting - Especially for companies working with
Leadership development


Maximum 5 participants per meeting to allow for questions and discussion

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