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Section #5

"The numbers are terrifying..."

The quote above is from when Tommy Lundberg and I talk about how we are in a declining trend in engagement in the Western world – despite all the research on leadership??? According to Tommy, the explanation lies in a system error where we generally do not think much about how people actually work, but instead copy behaviors around us. General warning issued for foody and a lot of Google. Enjoy!

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Section #4

CEO of large companies 2.0

When German Mercedes-Benz Trucks decides that they want 41-year-old Swedish Karin Rådström to run the organization, you should tip your ears. Why do you deliberately skip a bunch of German candidates from older generations and go to Karin instead? Somewhere here, I am personally convinced that there is an important story/ hint about what leadership we will need to see more of in order to future-proof large organizations. Enjoy!

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Section #3

"Like a terrible communist idea from the 1950s..."

The quote above is taken from when Linus Jonkman and I talk about how the concept of "cultural fit" is often misunderstood. We kill off a lot of myths, conclude once and for all that a culture must cost whatever it costs in painful decisions IF you are going to make it fly, and somehow in a totally unclear way get into Extraversion vs Introversion (something I hope to talk to him about in an upcoming episode). Enjoy!

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Section #2

30% improvement in 13 weeks, WTF!?

To quote Robert Kusén – "Shit fries!!!" I just want this deep conversation about Leadership/ Lean to continue 4-ever. Thank you Scania Group and SSAB for building Robert, and congratulations to Tamro Sweden! Right now we're talking a lot of "psychological security" in the leadership world, and that's exactly what Robert is doing, so actively BUILD "psychological security" through this section, listen and you'll understand more. Enjoy!

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Section #1

What can we learn from 500 filmed managers?

In a unique research study, Simon Elvnäs has filmed over 500 leaders and mapped their behaviors. The bottom line is that managers don't do what they're supposed to do, what they want to do, or even what they think they're doing. I don't know how many times I've brought Simon up for my contestants on managerial programs – feels classic "awesome" to have him in the studio. The section is available both as original and digest. Enjoy!

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