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Reflection is our basic module that provides increased ownership, develops dialogue between leaders and employees and takes the pulse of the organization - in real time

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Reflection log

Individual reflection

Here the employee writes a reflection on his work during the week. What has worked well, is there any frustration? If you don't get ahead because of a technical or personal hurdle. At the same time, you tag words that show how you feel or feel. Employees take responsibility for their own development and you ensure that everyone in the organization develops continuously.


Feedback from manager

Empower managers to meet employees in their development thoughts whether they're in the same place or not. Create dust for the physical meeting. Let employees feel seen in their thoughts through the feedback they receive.

Tag words

Take the pulse of your organization

The tag words are common emotions and experiences at work. They are pre-selected so that you can clearly take the pulse of the organization and see trends. There are positive and negative words to tag with. They help the employee find an entrance into their reflection.

Tag cloud

How's your organization?

In the tag cloud, you get a quick overview of the relationship between red and green words, i.e. how the organization is doing right now and over time. Words that are troubling may confirm a known factor or indicate something unknown that is happening in the group.

What do I get with Reflection?

Real-time overview of staff well-being

Continuous collection of your employees' thoughts and mood

Increased engagement through continuous feedback

Easy and smooth feedback between leaders and employees

Customized for your organization

View trends over time at the individual, team, and organizational level


Let your employees easily reflect directly on the web or in our app

How Reflection Works

Play videos
Play videos

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