The tool for monitoring and evaluating employees' working methods

Rolfing is both coaching, process management and change management in one. In this module, you build flows on processes with key feedback reconciliation points. It provides support in clarifying what behaviors are rewarded at different times, such as customer meetings, order receptions, patient meetings, trainings, etc.

Time to sharpen the organization?

Rolf's self-rated scoring system creates graphs at both team and individual level that show where in the organization development and education efforts are most needed.


Coach, follow up and evaluate

All organizations have their own processes that are important to follow in order to achieve success. In Rolf, you can create templates for the entire organization or team, based on what your most important processes look like.


Feedback from manager

In order for feedback at, for example, a customer meeting to be structured and not seen as criticism, you can jointly follow the structure of the templates you have created as an organization. This means that you agree together on development points and feedback can be made by the employee to himself, between colleagues or between the employee and the manager.


Measurable development

When you create Rolfingar, you build statistics that provide a simple easily accessible graph of both the employee and the team's development. This is so that you can see where you need to put in training efforts to achieve your goals.

What do I get with Rolfing?

Coach, follow up and evaluate

With customized coaching templates for your organization or team, you evaluate the same things

All types of processes

The template system allows you to coach and measure on all types of processes

Structured feedback

With clear measurement points, you can provide detailed and constructive feedback

Measurable development

Follow all developments through clear data and graphs on all parts

Collect everything in one place

Document feedback, assessment and development points directly in the coaching conversation


Coach whenever and wherever you want through the app. For example, immediately after a co-visit to the customer

How Rolfing works

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Play videos

A platform for growth and development

Rolf is a flexible platform that helps companies through reflection, goal management and coaching – continuously develop their employees and processes to achieve success.

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