The little tips you usually share...


In the week that was, me and a colleague had a meeting with a lovely bunch of team leaders for a customer service organization. They use Rolf's reflection log and the meeting was to see how we can support them in developing employees' reflections.

The group leaders were very involved in the meeting, which we love. One of the group leaders shared how he used to send out a question every Friday to the team to reflect freely on. He also gave some examples of what it could be about. Both we and the other group leaders thought the tip was great and what struck me was how the others said; Why didn't you tell me this before? I should have thought of that, etc. Of course, not with a few sour faces but more of appreciation.

But what strikes me is that it is perhaps one of the biggest challenges of home work, those little tips that you usually share with colleagues when you have the opportunity to talk without a set agenda. Reflections and thoughts that are of great importance for driving development in everyday life.

I also think of the podcast I last listened to with #nytttänk, which Rolf sponsors, and Tommy Lundberg. They talk about the importance of creating empathy as leaders and in the team, that teams that listen in and let thoughts from all members come out are teams that will be the most successful. That is something that I understand this particular team has. The problem is that they have a new way of working where they only meet on teams.

It will be a great challenge in the future to continue to create culture, to continue to drive the core values work that so much is about seeing the individual in their thoughts where they are now.

Will be exciting to hear Linus Jonkman talk about culture in our upcoming webinar. You signed up, didn't you? Otherwise, click here!

Nice weekend, hope you get to enjoy the sun.