I say and someone else interprets....


This communication thing.

"I say and someone else interprets"

Are you familiar with the concept? I think we all are! Which is why I often reflect on communication. It has happened to me several times that I myself considered myself to be very clear in my communication but that it later emerged that the recipient has a different opinion of what I wanted to communicate.

Where is the problem and who is really responsible for communication errors?

I who convey something is responsible for ensuring that the recipient has understood the message but does that mean that the recipient is free from responsibility? In my world, they should have a responsibility to objectively listen in and interpret what has been said and, if there are question marks, should they also address them directly?

If the recipient in the present day walks around in dark and "negative" glasses, it will be immensely difficult for the person who conveys a message to get through with the right information. On the contrary, someone with an incurably positive view can also interpret a message quite crazy even if it is more fun.

But is it even possible to be neutral when we listen to another human being? We certainly have the backpack that we have, which we constantly replenish, and that affects the way we interpret messages.

Many times I can feel that the requirement to communicate well and correctly lies only with the leader of an organization. Is that really the case? Of course, it is the leader's responsibility to create the right conditions for a good climate in the team and in the workplace, but surely we are all adults with a shared responsibility to make it good?

I often get a desire from leaders for support in getting their employees to understand the importance of reflection so that they really understand that it is for their own development. Until they understand how this leads to personal development, the employee is in some cases not prepared to reflect.


Is it so simple that I can tell the person who pays my salary that I am not interested in testing new methods if it does not benefit myself? Of course not and I don't think that's what the employee means either. I am convinced that within these organisations there is instead another underlying problem. An elephant in the room that has been ignored because it has either been too large or unclear, which has led to a chafing that has grown larger and over time finally become too large.

That's when communication is even more important and that EVERYONE takes responsibility for being straight and clear with their thoughts. If there is something you do not really understand or agree with, you have to step up and express this and, above all, you have to stand up for your opinion instead of hitting eights around the real problem.

Then it would be interesting to get statistics on whether the problem is fundamentally linked to the work situation or private life. Does one affect the other moon? It is important that everyone in a workplace assumes their responsibilities based on their own situation and is clear to both themselves and their colleagues. It saves time, energy and probably drives the business forward instead of sideways.

I have worked to develop my own communication tremendously. I want to say that we in our team have come a very long way in being clear, saying directly what we are thinking, not letting things go. Which also means that we have a great understanding of each other and our thoughts. But the journey there has obviously not been straight and we will certainly drive in the ditch sometimes.

How are you with the communication and the elephants?