Students at IHM Business School choose Rolf as client for their project work

Rolf faces a major challenge with ambitious and high goals. Choosing the right sales channels is a topical crunch issue. During the first quarter of 2021, the Board of Directors made a directional decision to use external partners. The degree project will provide answers as to whether this targeting decision is the right way to go or whether other options may be [...]

We welcome Expediam as a new partner to Rolf

We at Rolf are very happy and look forward to having Expediam HR Consulting &Coaching AB as one of our partners into the future. Expediam helps companies free up their capabilities with business development services and tools through leadership development and coaching. The focus is always on the company's unique operations and strengthening the success factors. Expediam [...]

Ann-Katrin Hellberg steps in as Head of Success and Operations

Rolf is investing further and we can now proudly announce that Ann-Katrin Hellberg will take on the role of Head of Success and Operations Ann-Katrin will be responsible for ensuring that our customers are successful in their journey together with Rolf, as she has many years of experience in leading in change and developing teams and leadership "Ann-Katrin has been a customer [...]

Rolf recruits Fredrik Spennare as the company's first Success Manager

During the turbulent spring, we have become even more strengthened in that we are right in time with our solution to a simple platform that strengthens and develops the collaboration between employees, leaders and entire teams in the organization. We have brought in several partners in the company, investors who strongly believe in our solution and thus we can now also proudly announce that Fredrik Spennare is taking on the role of Success Manager from 1/9. Frederick [...]

New Chairman of the board of directors effective May 21, 2020

HR2 Mentor announces new Non-Executive Chairman of the board. In line with the company's growth strategy and aspiration to expand the business globally, the board of directors has decided to appoint Carl Gustaf Göransson as Non-Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, effective May 21st. Carl Gustaf Göransson has an international background having obtained more than [...]