Students at IHM Business School choose Rolf as client for their project work


Rolf faces a major challenge with ambitious and high goals. Choosing the right sales channels is a topical crunch issue. During the first quarter of 2021, the Board of Directors made a directional decision to use external partners. The degree project will provide answers as to whether this targeting decision is the right way to go or whether other options may be more appropriate.

Anna Kvicker, Erica Vasilieva, Jonnie Levin and Piotr Jagiello study Marketing Economist DIHM at IHM Business School. An education that focuses on advanced knowledge in business development with insight into the connection between finance, marketing, organization and leadership. The course participants study part-time in parallel with regular jobs. The project group says this about why the choice among many other projects, fell to Rolf;

"In addition to learning in the project work, to be able to familiarize himself with how Rolf as an employee tool, on a SaaS platform, works is an incredibly developing and instructive journey. Rolf is really a cool tool!

The mission is to develop a Go-To-Market Strategy. The project members will develop a decision basis that includes action options and decision-making basis for whether Rolf should use partners or build his own sales organization as a channel. The work includes developing a Business Case that will demonstrate whether the goals for growth and profitability are reachable based on the plan and make recommendations for how Rolf can best achieve this. The end result will be an implementation plan for how Rolf can practically bring the product to market and achieve his goals in the form of a Go-To-Market plan.

"We see it as a fantastic opportunity to bring in special expertise that can look with new eyes and set up a strategy for our growth. We have long thought that Rolf is a perfect match for consulting companies to drive long-term development for their customers and through this project we will have a fantastic basis for decision-making to work on from," says Pia Nilsson, CEO of Rolf.

The project will last until autumn 21 for decision and hopefully implementation in the business in spring 2022.