We are looking for a Success Manager


To continue our journey of success, we are now looking for a Success Manager for the world's funniest and most challenging job!

Rolf Nordic AB has a mission to support employees and leaders to together build the best company for both management and employees through continuous employee development.
Rolf   stands for Reflective Organization with Learning Feedback.

Our growth journey has only just begun and now we are looking for a selling Success Manager

About Rolf Nordic AB

Rolf is a growth company that has developed a digital solution that supports leaders and employees in continuous employee development. We are available as an app and cloud service and our customers buy us in one subscription. We currently have customers in finance, industry and retail and we have several leading brands as customers and others coming in.

Our customers see us as competent and innovative in leadership, they listen to us, and we have an important role in their development.

Being Success Manager at Rolf

As the company's Success Manager, you should have good experience and help our customers develop leaders to become their best ers with the help of our digital solution.

This means that in addition to ensuring a good implementation, you should train our customers and advise on leadership issues. You should follow our customers in a structured way and be their support in both user support and leadership issues in order for them to have continuous close leadership with the support of Rolf.

Becoming the first dedicated Success Manager will be a key role and all employees in the company are driven and involved in our customer meetings for both new and existing customers. This means that your service will initially be shared between sales on new customers and Success Manager on existing customers.

Our Success Mananger will be the one that develops processes on what can be automated and how. This means that the role is both strategic and operational and there are great opportunities to create something new.

Who are you?

Since you will work with leadership from CEO to team leader, it is of the utmost importance that you have experience of being a manager.

It's fast and the balls are flying high in a growth company. Therefore, we need you who have the ability to take these down and create the conditions for our success. We are all prestigious team players who like to touch where needed. We are looking for you who want to take a place in the team by adding more competence in leadership, have energy, dare to make your own decisions and run processes.

We see that you have a sense of humour, like to go to work, are prestigious and have a drive out of the ordinary.

We are aware that it is a challenging job, but know that if you have the right experience and attitude, you will get an exciting job in our organization.

Rolf team

We are a small team that is constantly growing, each of which has a clear responsibility to build relationships and processes for our joint success. We have a strong growth plan and clear goals where we all have an important function.

We do everything we can to live as we teach. This is reflected in the fact that we are value-driven with a strong growth focus and we only see opportunities in allowing growth to be intertwined with sound values.

Access as soon as possible or by agreement.
We process applications received on an ongoing basis.

For more information and application, please contact:

Pia Nilsson, CEO
070-384 45 08