What are you most proud to have accomplished in the last week?


What are you most proud of having accomplished in the last week?

Every Friday I reflect, founder of Mentor, Pia Nilsson over the past week. In true Mentor spirit! This week I have chosen to draw a card from our lovely reflection card game. The card says: Think about what you're most proud of having accomplished in the last week.

This week we have, among other things, trained our new employee in Mentor and received happy news that more people are choosing to go in and use Mentor as a tool in their employee development!

What I am most proud of this week is probably that we have implemented Mentor at health and social care managers in Västerås City and managers at Skandia Bank and Försäkring. People in two very different industries! In a few weeks we will teach Mentor to their employees.

It's just as much fun every time we get into different types of businesses. Why? Because when I started developing Mentor, I didn't have a thought that Mentor could be used in so many different types of industries. My full focus was then on how Mentor could help increase sales and key figures.

With other eyes, I understand that everything is connected: high sales figures and employees who feel seen belong together, because if you feel seen, you also get involved. In other words, feeling seen and coached by your boss is just as important in any industry you are in.

We sometimes meet people who say that "that would never work with us, in our industry". Then we say as we always say: Mentor is not about which industry you are in. Mentor is about people in the industry.

So, to conclude this reflection, I thought it might be a bit fun to highlight what industries we are in today:

  • Health and social care
  • Banking and finance
  • Insurance
  • Property management
  • Church
  • Finance/accounting
  • Collection
  • Children and education
  • Broker
  • Steel industry
  • Product
  • Automotive
  • IT
  • Government agencies
  • Municipal work

It is so incredibly energizing to meet people who want to work with employee development and coaching in a structured way!

Now I want to challenge you to reflect: What are you most proud of having accomplished this week?

/Pia Nilsson