What is it that makes us not do what we should be doing when we know what is right.


Something that I have thought about a lot is what makes it so difficult to do what is best for ourselves and therefore also right for others on the whole.

In the private, it can be about such simple things as choosing to get up 30 minutes earlier to take a workout or a walk. Or making a call that you go and pull on.

In the world of work, there are probably even more things we don't get to grips with even though we know it would be best for ourselves and the organization.

I have discovered in myself that if I am to change/develop things in myself, I have to put one thing at a time. The change costs in energy and I need to focus to make that development. Above all, I need to reflect to see how and if I have acted on what I want to change, and until that sits, I cannot bring myself to develop several heavy things at the same time.

One thing at a time.

When I take one thing at a time, I can more easily see a development and I can pat myself on the shoulder. The easiest way is if I can find a way to measure my development. It is always difficult to measure soft behaviors and there reflection becomes even more important. If I have decided to develop something in my behavior, it may not be measurable in numbers. Then I need to be self-critical and analyse myself according to different situations to see what I have done well and what I will develop more. Not always simple but necessary.

By that I would say that the reflection gives me so much. I've almost lived half my life but I can see for myself how I develop as a human being which I think is incredibly cool. I get to know myself more and more and discover new sides. Especially when I have been challenged in something that I reflect on and get feedback on.

But of course, anyone who is not used to reflect needs support and help. Do you want to support and develop your employees to be their best selves for your organization. Give them the conditions and make demands for them to get started to reflect on their development.

Don't make reflective fluttery.

Provide support by discussing development points that your employee will reflect on next month. It can be very concrete things that should lead to hard goals, but it is the action that leads to the goal. It's rare for a goal to work itself out.

We know that what employees lack most about their manager is feedback and feedback. Therefore, you need to support employees in their development by providing encouraging feedback when reflecting on their challenges and how they have succeeded. Then, of course, they want to take the next step and do more, because you as a leader see and encourage them in their effort.

It's so simple, really, the question is dare you? Because of course that requires you as a leader to develop as well.

As you know, Rolf supports all this. We are more than happy to show 😊