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Today's leaders spend only 2% of their time on feedback. This is just one of several important research figures raised in Rolf's webinar from October 27, 2022. Here is a brief summary of the webinar, including trend spotting on employee development. Participants in the webinar are Pia Nilsson, CEO of Rolf and Piotr Jagiello, Area Manager Retail at Postnord.


Many leaders today are guilty of being far too vague. Fluffy, to put it bluntly. But in an impermanent world, you need to have clear goals and processes - not to mention ensuring the well-being of your employees. Pia Nilsson has extensive experience of driving change and in this webinar she shares her top tips for leading in times of change.


Employee development trend survey

As a leader today, you're probably already aware of the need to manage constant change - and that employee development is central to creating change. But how employees want to develop is also changing. This webinar will present these four employee development trend insights:

  • Self-leadership - We will be working more and more task-focused, rather than time-based, which places great demands on individual leadership.
  • Meaningfulness - Younger generations want to know their purpose. We are seeing more young people talking about opportunities to make a difference when they are looking for work.
  • Feedback culture - More and more people recognise the need for individual reflection to gain insights into their own development. Then you want to feel that your thoughts are taken seriously.
  • Learning in everyday life - Are you still just sending employees on courses? Sorry, but it's outdated. Today's employees can learn new things all the time


"Things are starting to happen here"

In her previous role as a consultant, Pia Nilsson has gained insight into how difficult it is for employees to change. In the webinar, she mentions an example of an employee whose goal is to become more structured, and so she sets up a development plan linked to this. After a month, a review is carried out with the employee, who exclaims: "Well, is that what I was supposed to do? I didn't realise." 

Do you recognize yourself in this situation? The solution to this problem was for the employee to write to Pia once a week to show how she was working on her target-related activities. And Pia appreciated it so much that she also wanted to respond. Suddenly, things started happening: reflection and feedback turned out to be the ultimate tools for effective change. And that's how Rolf was born.


GITAB reduced long-term sick leave with reflection and feedback


"Do we dare to do this when we have the most to do?"

The webinar will also feature Piotr Jagiello, Arena Manager Retail at Postnord. He implemented Rolf in his team in the autumn of 2021, or more precisely just before Black Friday, the peak season for e-commerce. Piotr's team hadn't prioritised reflection before and it was something that would be done later, "when things had calmed down". But the pause for reflection turned out to be a winning concept in a stressful and changing world.


In the webinar you will also:

  • Key research linked to leadership, engagement and employee development
  • Listen to Piotr from Postnord talk about his journey with Rolf and how reflection gave his team closer dialogue and helped them avoid late-night reconciliations
  • Learn about the 70-20-10 rule and help you ensure learning in everyday life
  • Know why leaders need to stop saying vague things like "we need to be more structured" and how to move from setting goals that have "fluff level high" status to "concrete without fluff"
  • Listen to Pia Nilsson talk about "Lean on human processes" and the error of relying on employee dialogue to ensure company values
  • Learn how five minutes of alone time a week makes your employees more productive - without making them feel more stressed


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If you want to get started on your own, we recommend the guide 6 steps to implement reflection and feedback in your team.

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