He found the successful method for better leadership


Happy and confident employees who perform at their best. High customer satisfaction and doubled sales.
Meet the manager who has laid the foundation for successful leadership by seeing his employees as Formula 1 drivers and regularly bringing them into the pits.

As a manager, it's almost impossible to keep up with everything you expect. Lead and attend meetings, set a budget, take care of a flooded email basket... all the time with the nagging feeling that you are missing out on the most important thing: your employees. You know you should coach and support their learning and development. But you're not prioritizing this. Hand on heart, it is a bit unpleasant to give feedback, it is perceived as easy as criticism. In addition, you lack the structure of how to proceed. So you're postponing the talks for the future.

Read on chef.se how Johan Isacsson found the successful method for better leadership.