Friday reflection v. 10 - Can leadership be systematic?


When you're as confident as I am about what it takes to be a successful leader, it makes me very happy to be a small part of that journey.

We are currently running a start-up with one of Sweden's better known organisations. They are two fantastic and dedicated leaders who are implementing Rolf in their teams. My colleague is guiding them through the journey and I sometimes join them for their check-ins. During one of these check-ins, it strikes me that the word 'systematic' comes up again in the conversation. I have never connected this word to Rolf myself and therefore I start to wonder what it means and what they mean.

When meeting with our clients, they often complain about all the bloody paperwork regarding feedback that they had before they started with Rolf. For example, it has sounded like this: "If you have a structure for giving feedback at a customer meeting on a form, then you can bet your bottom dollar that the previous form was still in Malmö when I arrived at the salesperson in Växjö. Which meant that we couldn't go through what was said last time and take it from there."

Another of the comments has been, "Getting a weekly update from my colleagues, where they reflect on how they have worked on their development points, and that I can give each of them relevant feedback on just that, allows us to take a step we haven't taken before. It elevates our business conversations significantly."

Rolf is not really rocket science. It's about doing what you as a leader should do, but systematically. Getting employees to do what they should do, but systematically. I have been thinking about this for my earlier reflections; that if you want to train for a marathon, you need to do it over and over again in your daily life. It is not enough to go to a training camp. However, it can be a really good starting point, to then work systematically, step by step, for everyone's development.

Hearing about this brings a tear to my eye, committed as I am. Partly because two more leaders are on the bandwagon to develop their leadership and their people. Partly because my colleague, along with the leaders at our client, has done a fantastic job. The time the leaders will save with Rolf, by not having to administer and search for forms, they can instead spend watching their employees grow. Systematically, one step at a time. 


Pia Nilsson,



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