Feedback: Start, Stop, Continue


After listening to episode 7 of the podcast #nytttänk with this week's guest Helena Ekman, CEO of Hyper Island, I was captivated by an incredible sense of curiosity. What Hyper Island is doing is an absolutely fantastic Toolbox in themes such as Self-Leadership/ Team/ Innovation etc!

I couldn't wait any longer than my Bluetooth lurkers just disconnected from the pod player before I entered Hyper Island into my browser. First in my search was the concept of Stinky Fish. I wanted to know more about that and got a new word in my vocabulary.

Having looked around more in the Toolbox and stuck to several of their tools around self-leadership, I realize that most of it is self-evident, yet so difficult for all of us to really embrace and think about in our leadership. We believe, or want to believe, that we are doing as much as we actually do not.

Take the example feedback: Regular, effective feedback is one of the most important ingredients for building constructive relationships and thriving teams. Transparency creates trust and trust creates more transparency.

Why do we find it so difficult to work consistently with feedback when everyone knows that it is among the most important things there is?

It will be my Friday question and reflection, both to myself and to you?

If you want to listen to Helena and Per while you are still enjoying the sun this weekend, do so in the podcast #nytttänk that you will find where podcasts are located.