The more I train, the more luck I have


I am often told that as a person I am very reflective. Of course, it is very much based on the fact that I am like that as a person but actually also on quite a lot of training. What you do a lot eventually becomes natural.

Of course, there is also a difference between reflection and reflection, just as there is a difference between training and training.

What do I mean by that? Well you can reflect in different ways, either you think about what has happened and how others have acted and affected me during the week or I reflect on myself and how I have chosen to receive and prioritize. What could I do differently? How can I influence my own well-being, my success in what I think is important.

There is a HUGE difference in these two. To reflect outwardly is to reflect on what I can't do anything about and will probably make me fall into negative patterns. In any case, I will not develop.

Of course, reflecting on myself is much harder. After all, if I choose to challenge myself, I won't always like the answers I come up with. It can hurt sometimes. But wow how I get to know myself if I start looking from the outside at my choices and priorities and how I choose to deal with different situations.

This week has felt a bit tough for me personally, not really for any reason that can be put on my finger, just a little harder and tougher to get things rolling.

Of course, it has to be perfectly OK sometimes. What's not OK is when I find out that I'm sorry for, that's when I have to take that self-talk.

Often when I've done that, I can find myself smiling at my own stupidity. Then I can make jokes about it to other people to buy it. What happens then is that the people I open myself up to usually open themselves up and then we have a WIN VINN. We'll have to laugh about it all and we can coach each other. This applies to us as leaders, employees and fellow human beings alike.

I would never have come here if I didn't reflect. But, of course, it has required training. I benefit from it in so much, both privately in family and friends and also in my entrepreneurship.

How honest are you with yourself in your reflections?