Friday reflection v. 12 - Now reflection is more important than ever


The world is really upside down right now. We'd only had half a sigh after the pandemic when the war in Ukraine shook our whole reality. We all react differently to crisis. It depends, of course, partly on how we are affected by the crisis in question. How close it comes, but also how we function as human beings. As leaders and employers, we have an even greater responsibility to see all employees and to meet each individual from where they are.

In addition, we have a new situation in the world of work. We have to be more flexible in terms of whether we are going to be in the office or working from home and all the challenges that come with that. It's ea very new and challenging situation for most managers. I think as a leader you have to dare to think in new ways.

People have long talked about the importance of reflection and that it is reflection that drives development of an individual. Every lecture and training we attend, we talk about the importance of reflection and the amazing results it brings.

But how many actually reflect? Have you thought about how to make it work in practice and be structured? And do you dare not to? If we link the benefits of reflection to what is happening in the world, it is not difficult to see that we need to reflect more than ever.

There is a lot of research that shows that reflection in writing makes you more productive without feeling more stressed that reflection allows us to sort out our thoughts. It's simply not enough to asking anonymous questions and thinking we've done what we're supposed to. We need to do more. We need to give our people the opportunity to stop, breathe and be validated in their thoughts. And this should be done in person - not anonymously, not in groups. But as individuals. Everyone is different, reacts differently, and has different needs.


But we ALL need to be affirmed and appreciated. How to dare not to?


Pia Nilsson,



Creating a reflective organisation is actually not as difficult as many people think. Want to know how? Download our guide on how and why you should reflect.