Focus on what you can influence


There is a wave of fear and anxiety among us, we see and scream crisis. And of course it is scary that we are so affected and I don't think anyone can say that you are not worried, we all have to help take responsibility.

However, I am convinced that we can choose what we make of this situation. The fact remains that we stand where we stand and most of us can choose what we make of the situation.

In addition to doing what we can to take responsibility for not spreading infection, as we all already know.

I'm thinking we can't let the world stay.

Continue with meetings but do it the way that works. We have excellent digital solutions available in our computers. We can actually look each other in the eye even over the web. Don't stop doing business, it's us together who create both high and recession.

I am convinced that if we choose right now, this will eventually move us forward, we will have long-term positive effects on the environment and our way of life.

Digitalisation has definitely been given a boost when we have had to create even better conditions and take on the opportunity for digital meetings.

Now, if ever, we need to reflect on what is unrest due to rumours and concerns based on facts.

I feel confident that our customers have given their employees the opportunity for reflection and feedback at this time, where they can both follow up and see their employees even though they may not meet in the same way as before.

Take care and show your fellow men consideration!