A breathtaking Friday feeling


We often talk about running growth companies on a roller coaster.

Indeed, that is the case, especially in these times. Right now it feels like we are at the top of the crest, you know that feeling when the wagons are going to start rolling and you do not yet really know what the track looks like, how fast it will go and how fast it will turn.

Breathtaking feeling!

We'd be lying if we said it doesn't feel heavy sometimes to pull the wagons up to the top. It's a labor that takes a lot of energy and power. But it's so much fun.

The start of 2020 was tough, everyone went into crisis mode, it was tough even for Rolf of course. But in the autumn we made a growth of 100%. We've been breathing a little on the crest, and now we're taking a new approach.

Many wonderful news will be presented shortly, the Board has just decided on new initiatives, we are growing in both owners and employees and are releasing a new release.

But perhaps most fun of all, we are in talks with several large global organizations who clearly see the need for Rolf for their employees in the transformation that is coming now. You can see that there is a completely new way of working and a new way of leading after the pandemic and it is time to act on it.

We're so ready to go!

The sun's shining and it's Friday. Get out there and enjoy it. Gather energy, create your roller coaster, because if you're going to get to ride and it's going to lift in your stomach, you're going to have to start by climbing and getting up.