Friday reflection v. 11 - The importance of creating routines


By far the biggest challenge in making any change in our lives - big or small - is setting routines. In fact, it's not the thought or the will that is our biggest challenge, but getting the routines right. The small, repetitive steps of getting started like going for a run, eating right...or reflecting 😉

I realised late in life that if I want to change something, the most important thing is that I do what I set out to do. That's more important than always having that result every time. Doing what you set out to do is what really drives change in the long run.

Because it's the routine of doing one thing, over and over again, that sets a habit you can then develop from. And that's where I am now. I don't know what to reflect on and I have no inspiration - but I'm sticking to the routine!

So my advice to you, it's when you least want to, have the least inspiration, that's when you build up your inner strength if you do despite it.

Have a nice weekend!


Pia Nilsson,


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