Friday reflection v 20: The wheels are turning faster and faster but still things are going so slowly.


I have been thinking for some time about what we choose to focus on in our daily lives and what the choices we make mean for us.

People talk about how in most organisations today it takes longer and longer to reach a decision. More people have to be involved in decision-making processes, which means that we sit in meetings all day long.

I was talking this week to a CEO who had a management team that was about to run into a ditch. He saw it very clearly. The interesting thing was what he told me they were focusing on. It was everything but what was important right now. Little things that took time but didn't really lead them forward.

He, on the other hand, wanted to support and push the ship in the direction they should go. But he didn't quite get there. They should have a consensus, everyone should be on board. The team obviously wanted to cut corners on what was important and ran around with the small issues that were rather unimportant. They had lost the ability to see for themselves. That's exactly what happens when things get too much. We lose the map, the ability to prioritise and see clearly.

This CEO decided to take the leadership role seriously. Make a decision and say with a warm voice that this is what we are going to do...

Because what they need is to stop taking shortcuts, stop and think. Get the conversation going on what should be the priority. Let everyone think, write, go back and get feedback. After you've talked to yourself to the point. I think that's taking your leadership seriously. Daring to put your foot down and make decisions. Here's what we do....

Do you dare?