Digitalization, amplifying or killing the personal meeting?


Friday reflection v 32 Digitization, amplifies or kills the personal meeting?

August has come and I want to start this reflection by telling you that we have hired a new employee, fantastic Anna-Karin Danielsson who will work with Sales and Implementation of Mentor! We are so happy about this! We become a bigger team than we were last spring and of course we use Mentor to develop and strengthen our communication.

At our last breakfast lecture in June, a question came up that is quite common:

"This system and app thing, is it really good? Should we stop talking to each other and remove the physical encounter altogether?

The answer, of course, is: absolutely not! Contrary. A system or app must never replace a personal call. But it can amplify. One of Mentor's most important features is the reflection log. It is designed to give the employee the opportunity to reflect. Reflect on the development points decided in the personal meeting with your manager. Because it is in the meeting that you find out what needs to be done. In the reflection, the development takes place. Research shows that 70% of an individual's development lies in reflection.

To require the manager to follow up on the coaching conversations with employees by reflecting together once a week is demanding too much. And with your hand on your heart, a conversation with the manager usually becomes about what to do this weekend or on the next kick-off. This is of course super important as well. But the importance of reflecting on your workday is just as important.

In Mentor's reflection log, the employee can quietly reflect on what he has done based on the activities he has set up together with his or her manager. How's it going? How am I? What am I proud of this week? What else could I have done? The manager can then calmly give feedback.

The feedback we have received from those who use our Mentor app today is that both employees and managers believe that Mentor strengthens the personal meeting. It is told that the reflection in Mentor gives way to talking about things you might not otherwise talk about. It gives the employee the opportunity to think in peace and quiet and it allows everyone to be heard, even those who may not be comfortable making their voice heard at staff meetings. It also gives the manager the opportunity to think about and give feedback when it suits them.

So, to answer the question in the introduction: An app or a cloud-based solution can really strengthen the personal meeting. Dare to try it! In the link below you can see a film on how Mentor's reflection log works.

Autumn 2018 – let's go!

/Pia Nilsson