Time for an annual employee interview? Why you should scrap it (forever)


Do you think the classic annual employee interview is the best thing for your business?
Completely wrong – especially after the pandemic.
"The tools that many companies use today are not enough," says Pia Nilsson, CEO of Rolf.

We've all been there. The manager invites you to a dutiful conversation to discuss the past year, what your performance has been like, whether the agreed goals have been achieved and – if you are lucky – how you feel in the workplace.

Hopelessly outdated, at least if you ask Pia Nilsson. During her time as a consultant, in just a few months she built a closer relationship with the employees than their own managers had managed in years. The secret is not that she has magical powers, but simply that she developed a new method of feedback and development.

"If you go to a PT and expect results after just one meeting, you will be very disappointed. But if you set clear goal images and then follow up, discuss developments, find out what is good and what can be better. Then all of a sudden things happen."

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