5 things your team expect from you

5 things your team expect from you

As a leader you are probably well aware of the fact that it is one of your tasks to make clear what you expect from your team. It helps everyone, including yourself, when those expectations are clear and set up front. But what is sadly often forgotten are the expectations of the team towards their manager.
Here are 5 things teams expect of a great leader!

A team can only perform well when they have a clear goal to work towards. This doesn’t mean that a manager needs to know how to get there, that’s what teamwork is for. Being able to state goals clearly is needed and your team will count on you to do that.

Every single member of a team wants to be heard and seen continuously. It is your job to fulfil that need! Do this by listening to what they have to say, engage in their ideas and allow for open and honest communication. These actions will get teams engaged and willing to perform for

Teams expect consistency from a manager. This means that everyone gets the same treatment, as favouritism can really spoil team dynamics. Feedback is another aspect of management to be consistent in. Firstly, people won’t appreciate one day something being great and the next day it being awful. Of course things change but be careful with switching your feedback drastically on the same subject. Secondly giving feedback continuously helps team members grow much faster and allows them to adapt their work much easier. You can read more on how to give and receive feedback in the linked articles. Don’t wait for those yearly reviews to come around to give feedback!

This sounds pretty straightforward but there are plenty of moments where you as a manager can’t always tell your team what is going on. The biggest pitfall in those situations is when a manager starts lying to their team to cover up. Don’t do this! It will do a lot of harm to your credibility and the trust you get from your team if they find out. Be honest to them that there are certain things that you cannot tell them about at this time but that you will reveal it when the timing is right. Teams will likely not like this answer either but at least they are not being lied to.

Stand up for them
Lastly a team will expect a manager to stand up for them. Don’t confuse this for always taking the blame! But don’t let your team take the fall for failures, you’re a part of it after all! Defend the actions and mistakes of your team within reason. Teams will feel that you would go that extra mile for them and will most likely be inclined to return the favour when you so desperately need them. Don’t forget, standing up for them also means to share the successes. Give credit where credit is due and let them have their part of the spotlight!

Hopefully this gives a few insights into what teams will be expecting from you as a manager or team leader.
Pay attention to these points and start building amazing teams!

Written by Matthieu Van der Poorten

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